Celebration week starting today!

Global publisher and developer NetEase are thrilled to announce that Safe Haven the long-awaited expansion for its free-to-play MMORPG – Revelation Online will launch today. The expansion will allow players to claim a home within the game through its exciting and expansive apartment feature.

Upon reaching level 40, players will be granted with the opportunity to purchase their own real estate! The place can then be decorated to one’s own fashion, friends can be invited and even keys can be granted to the very close ones. Over 160 unique items leave enough room for individualism, no matter if the player prefers a traditional, a rather funky or an elegant style.

For a look into future updates for Revelation Online, please feel free to reach out to check availability for Gamescom meetings! We are premiering content during the show that won’t be available before later in the year.

Celebration Week!

To celebrate the release, from August 9th to the 16th (1:59 p.m. CEST) players will be challenged with daily activities. By completing objectives, such as kill-quests or guild-daily participation, players will earn special currency-points that can be used for a great deal of rewards in the celebration week. Among these rewards are “Housing Boxes” which should be of particular interest for those who are looking to add something special to their Pristine homes.

Last but not least, players will also be rewarded in the same week for simply logging into the game every day during the celebration week. From August 9th to August 16th (1:59 p.m. CEST), logging into Revelation Online will net players special gifts. Considering this event lasts a whole week, there will be seven progressively interesting rewards to gather! Players can click a special icon upon login, claim their gifts and enjoy decorating their homes with style.

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Maikel van Dijk PR Manager,
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Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massively Online Multiplayer experience in which players will discover the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery, and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky. Dive into the waters or climb to the top of the world – in Revelation Online you can freely reach any place.


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